Renames any mixed-case filenames so that only all-lowercase filenames remain.


Perl 5 or later. Knowledge of the location of your perl executable. (generally can be determined with "which perl" on a Unix machine)


1. Save the code below as lowercase or lowercase.pl, changing the first line if necessary (the #! line) to point to your Perl executable.
2. Change the permissions on lowercase/lowercase.pl to make it executable (e.g., "chmod a+x lowercase.pl").
3. Move lowercase/lowercase.pl to some directory on your path (e.g., "mv lowercase.pl ~/bin").


lowercase filespec
where filespec is a wildcarded filename specification.

If two or more filenames are differentiated only by case then one or more of the files will be left unrenamed.

Source Code


if (length($ARGV[0]) == 0)
  print "Renames files (if necessary) to give them lowercase names.\n";
  print "\nsyntax:  lowercase <filespec> [<filespec> ...]\n";

my $seen = 0;
my $changed = 0;

while (@ARGV)
  my $filespec = pop(@ARGV);
  my $original_filename;

  while ($original_filename = <${filespec}>)
    my $lowercase_filename = "\L$original_filename\E";
    if ($lowercase_filename ne $original_filename)
      if (-e $lowercase_filename)
        print "$original_filename -> $lowercase_filename",
              " (not renamed due to imminent name collision)\n";
        print "$original_filename -> $lowercase_filename\n";
        rename( $original_filename, $lowercase_filename );

print "\n$seen filenames examined, $changed files renamed.\n\n";


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